Jan 032011

General retrospective, in no specific order.

  • Still working for Nokia.
  • Released no new phones, only a couple of SDKs.
  • Still living in Espoo (and commuting without a car).
  • Visited only one new country: Poland (and even that was an unplanned extra leg).
  • Saw fewer movies and live concerts than I planned.
  • Blogged quite a bit.
  • Still busy in Facebook.
  • Less so in Twitter.
  • Quite busy on Gowalla.
  • Less so on Foursquare (and other location-based services).
  • Even less so (pitifully, actually) geocaching/waymarking.
  • Bought an iPad and a new Macbook Pro.
  • Took plenty of photographs.
  • Spent a gloriously good nine days in Japan.
  • Visited Lapland for the first time in wintertime.
  • Didn’t set up the aquarium (actually booted it on account of the bottom plate having cracked).
  • The sequel to Guns n’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Did some actual therapy projects: chili grew well and the first Rails-project got off to a decent start.

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Jan 032011

Like last year’s list – this is the full disclosure on which cities I slept in (in a bed that is, so the uncomfortable bus ride in Szceczin doesn’t count):

  • Espoo, Finland
  • Vantaa, Finland *
  • Porvoo, Finland
  • Ivalo, Finland
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Skara, Sweden
  • Berlin, Germany *
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mainz, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Tokyo, Japan

As usual, an asterisk denotes multiple visits.

Note – that Helsinki is not on the list, nor anything across the Atlantic.

Jan 032011
  • Blogs: Just this one, been busy enough with just one.
  • Engine: Still WordPress.
  • Changes: The server move in the summer was a surprisingly involved operation.
  • Entries: 948 (way, way down from last year).
  • Backlog: Quite long.

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Jan 032011
  • Album: Live on Lansdowne, Boston, MA by Dropkick Murphys.
  • Song: Raptori’s remake of Tosi Tarttuva Täytebiisi.
  • Concert: Turisas in Nosturi.
  • Movie: Toy Story 3.
  • Book (fiction): Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell.
  • Book (non-fiction): Aitoa Ruokaa by Mats-Eric Nilsson.
  • Television show: Castle.
  • Gadget: iPad.
  • Game: Mass Effect 2.
  • Portable game: Tilt to Live.
  • Webgame: Frontierville.
  • Dinner: Farang.
  • Comic: Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley.
  • Web-comic: XKCD.
  • Sports-related: Spain’s world cup victory.
  • Person of the year: Bradley Manning.
  • Bar: American Bar, once again.

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Dec 152010

Alan Wake coverTwo finnish games captured the top positions in Time magazine’s annual list of top videogames.

The fact that Angry Birds is hovering near the top is no surprise, the game’s been everywhere lately and the simple game mechanic is effectively realized on current touchscreen devices.

But Alan Wake at the head of the list is. After all, the game didn’t really evolve from a railroaded single-path adventure. An railroaded run in an exquisitely well-rendered chunk of Pacific Northwest is a railroaded game nonetheless.

May 012010

With the flu still reclining uncomfortably on the shotgun seat, the rather chilly Mayday had a briefer reception than is the norm.

Spent three hours on Ullanlinnanmäki. Met both friends planned and drank the requisite amount of champagne. This year the communications were far easier than on couple of previous occasions. The inclement weather definitely had a diminishing effect on the crowds.

Mar 172010

Dropkick Murphys logoThe evening of a long and arduous workday was significantly sparked by two very topical things to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: an appropriately warm Guinness (off a can, sadly) and a newly arrived copy of the new Dropkick Murphys‘ live album.

Indeed, Live on Lansdowne, Boston MA, the second live album from the celtic punk band features a score of songs mostly off their recent albums. Their first live album is already eight years old, and the intervening years have seen three new albums, all packed with songs that sound as good live as they do on the original albums.

The song selection is good. And I’ll definitely keep an eye out for five extra songs available only on iTunes.

Didn’t peek at the dvd yet – it seems to be the very same performance, but with such a strong show that’s hardly a disadvantage.

As expected, the seven shows played on the St. Patrick’s week in Boston are long sold out.

Jan 012010

Another tradition continued once more:

2009 was not a high-caliber year and I took lousy notes: Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown .
I’ll pass on this.
Tie: Joose Keskitalo & Callisto and Blackfoot – both seen at Tavastia.
Book (fiction)
Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother.
Book (non-fiction)
Lumedemokratia by Katja Boxberg & Taneli Heikka.
David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Movie character
Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander.
Television show
RedLynx’s Trials HD.
First foray into Tre Viet.
Fingerpori reigns still, Tempo-magazine has had a marvellous entry.
xkcd and The Oatmeal.
Barça’s dominance.
Luxury mostly absent from Finland
Champagne bars embedded into grocery stores.
New bar
Olo’s courtyard patio (not very appropriate in winter, though).

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Jan 012010

As is traditional, here’s a condensed and hard-to-follow list of things that happened at the HQ.

  • Changed accommodation arrangements completely: moved to Espoo, moved to a house, moved in with a woman, moved in with a cat.
  • Worked on releasing the first Nokia Linux phone, the N900.
  • Had a couple of public presentations of the future roadmap of the Maemo development tools.
  • Had no articles published in hesari (not that I really tried, either).
  • Entertained ideas about therapy programming projects, but didn’t really get started on any.
  • Saw fewer movies and gigs than expected (the move consumed a plenty of time).
  • Just one new country: Bulgaria
  • Visited Berlin three times (only one for pleasure, though).
  • Continued to play lots of Scrabble in Facebook.
  • Did not buy a car on account of moving to Espoo.
  • Saw crowd-mismanagement at its worst at Sonisphere in Pori.
  • Tuska, on the other hand, was a far more pleasant exercise.
  • Bought a couple of new lenses for the DSLR as well as a very handy pocket camera.
  • Ran down the aquarium when moving, and haven’t yet set it up anew.
  • Blogged a lot. Only here, the sidetracks did not get reactivated.
  • Geocached way too little.
  • Bought my first ever Bluray-discs (though am without a player, still).
  • The sequel to Guns n’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was not released.
  • Lost the bowl game in fantasy football.
  • Participated in weekly photo memes a lot.

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Previous years’ analyses are also available:
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