Jul 052004

Ok. So Greece defended its way to the title.

Sucks. But there are no style points given, and they implemented the strategy well.

Rush apparently has the lowest female-male ratio among their fans. Nope. No reference, just hearsay (conversation took weird turns during the boring parts of the game) without any real facts. But rushettes have been thin on the ground indeed.

Jun 242004

Two games. Two perfect picks. And correct pick of Ruud van Niistelroy as top scorer. Indeed, shared third place in the competition is mine.

No damage from company summer party apart from being rained on multiple times. Paula Koivuniemi was surprisingly painless. And did Apulanta’s “anna mulle piiskaa” as an encore. Again the old jungle proverb, “it’s not the location that makes the party, ‘s the people” holds true. But I’m glad these things occur only annually.

Jun 202004

Yes. The light’s decently powerful and allows reading and such.

Czech team beat netherlands 3-2, totally screwing up my pick (2-2). But a great football game nonetheless, pace, threats, great passing and some unexpected shots.

Jun 172004

Nope. The pool isn’t going good. I’ve vastly overestimated the productivity of the offenses. Apart from Sweden’s, whose 5-0 decimation of the poor bulgarians is the finest display of attacking power thus far.

Francesco Totti proved that the distance between global adoration and utter vilification is just a couple of ccs of human spit. Have an Italian jersey with #10 and his name on it, it’ll be a while before I wear it again. Italy as a whole seems to be very much on the whiny side (rough socks is worthy of “excuse of the week”-award). I don’t think that the Kontraband clip of their training methods is totally accurate, but not that off the mark either.

Jun 142004

Didn’t watch SUI-CRO bore-fest. No points in office pool.

England – France, on the other hand, was quite another story. After a very iffy display (shades of goalless 2002-games) France comes up from behind, carried on ZZ’s shoulders. Amazing finish. And Barthez’s denial of Beckham’s penalty also will make it to the highlight reel. Full five points in office pool (three for result, one each for amount goals scored by the teams).

Jun 122004

Not an auspicious start for the home team. A trouncing by the upstart greeks. Some bad luck (and good goaltending), but also a lot of sloppy play. Occasional flashes of brilliance, which we ought to see more in the forthcoming games. Zero points from this game in the office pool. Spain, on the other hand, seemed to play a decent game. Only saw the second half, where some changes to the team had already been made. Valeron scored in a way all subs dream of (first touch is a goal). Four points in the office pool.