Aug 032010

Thanks to Janne, the sad state of internet-savviness of the finnish green party is now on the table. Or the utter lack thereof.

I’m sure Jyrki Kasvi, whom I could now (following the move to Espoo) vote for, is not happy with the state of affairs.

And unless Kaisa Rastimo’s cluelessness is reined in, the vote for the greens remains just a prospect, not reality.

Mar 042010

Two strikes against Activision: termination of a fan-produced King’s Quest sequel (a franchise dormant for eleven years) followed up by a summary dismissal of Infinity Ward lead developers (citing insubordination always goes down well in non-menial jobs).

The former could save itself with a sudden turn towards a satire, the latter probably has the Electronic Arts higher management slavering at the prospect of employing the duo.

Dec 292009

Sadly, one of the most surreal titles of the year is not a graceless play with words: the minions of the hasbeen-ish actress have indeed initiated legal action towards the one of the biggest blogs in the net.

The reason: blowing the whistle on image manipulation.

The verdict: not guilty. That is, unless publishing the original and altered image side by side is considered to be a crime.

Dec 282009

Security theatre expands once again, after the failed attempt on a Delta plane.

Certainly the appropriate countermeasure for a surreptious explosive strapped to the sessile wannabe-terrorist’s groin is to ban all passenger movement within the final sixty minutes of the flight as well as all electronics.

But following the ipods full of soothing music and laptops packed with ripped movies being forcibly taken away, in most airplanes there’s not much to do for amusement.

Unless the airliner-provided in-flight entertainment systems are globally improved to the level of Singapore Airlines and such, the remaining trio of books, alcohol and mile high club will segregate passengers to two categories: either very quiet or rather rowdy.