Oct 242010

I’m a long-time sucker for Don Henley’s Boys of the Summer, that’s an established fact.

Now Kenny Chesney moves in with Boys of Fall, a severely nostalgia-steeped take on high school football.

In an eight minute video.

Country music and a marathon-length video isn’t exactly a recipe for success in the ADHD-sliced MTV. Then again, the channel actually plays so little music these days, that it probably isn’t the medium of choice.

(Yes, that IS New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton giving the rousing speech in the locker room in the very beginning.)

Jul 172010

Barren Earth logoThe “best new band of 2010″-award has been firmly gripped by Barren Earth.

Barren Earth plays progressive/melodic metal with serious doom/death overtones. Not much unlike Opeth at all.

Haven’t seen them live, the members’ other bands keep them busy enough to make gigs uncomfortably rare.