Jun 012009

The long-awaited summer season is officially started with a swim in a lake, minor case of sunburn, reasonable amount of angst for having to stay inside on a working day and extending the flat with one room by taking the balcony into use.

Kardrag lake

Too bad we’re set to devolve to semi-arctic conditions by Wednesday.

Jan 032009

Weather forecast for early January 2009It’s a simple collection of criteria:

  • Temperature: Oh yes, as shown in the official forecast.
  • Snow: Sadly, no, just a smattering of white poweder here and there.

So while it feels like winter, it’s not the real thing. Yet.

But the clear skies brought in by the high pressure are much appreciated.

Nov 042007

First snow of the winterYes, it’s been getting steadily colder, and the first snow fell yesterday.

And hopefully we’ll escape the fifth season, the quellë altogether, and move right into a proper winter.

After all, this can officially be the worst period of the Helsinki weather – ubiquitous rain turning tarmac into slippery photon eater is no-one’s idea of a great time.

Aug 222007

My my. How badly Helsinki coped with a minor weather incident.

Radio broadcasting interrupted for hours. Municipal traffic ground to a halt. A stern warning to remain indoors issued by the meteorological institue.

All this from a short (but suitably intense) thunderstorm, and accompanied with an overture of a general alert signal howling in the background.

Perhaps we ought to be careful that this is as violent as the conditions get, or otherwise Finland, as a nation, would have either learned to cope, or been eradicated a long time ago.

Jul 262007

Not scorchio, but warmThe warmest season is back again, after a few worrisomely lukewarm/rainy/cloudy days.

And what would be better use of the sunshine than to escape the raging roof replacement din to a grassy knoll to continue reading the last Harry Potter-installment, eat vast quantities of fresh raspberries and just lazily while away a more than decent summer vacation day.