Dec 272013

First it was responsive design to take into account devices with non-desktop screens.

Then it was mobile first, since a lot of reading happens on the smallest screens.

Now it’s offline first to cater for sporadic connectivity.

And I utterly like their premise:

We can’t keep building apps with the desktop mindset of permanent, fast connectivity, where a temporary disconnection or slow service is regarded as a problem and communicated as an error.

Jul 242012

A List Apart’s summer reading issue provides plenty of interesting articles. Some of them more than a decade old, others containing ideas that are still very much top-shelf quality.

It would have been even more interesting to have a commentary track for the individual articles, pointing out details that have been taken care of by standardization or browser evolution, of newer documentation supplementing the original and so on. But even as it is, the collection is a treasure trove.

Nov 032011

Whatever you planned on doing after browsing this blog, put that on hold for ten seconds.

And google “do a barrel roll” (WITHOUT the quote characters).

“tilt” works as well, but it’s not as spectacular an effect.

Sep 142011

Yesterday evening I was hit by a sudden memory of a tale from the old woodchuck’s handbook (the copy published by the local Walt Disney company): a mysterious shaft somewhere in the US from which various treasures had been unearthed with great difficulty, since the deep hole kept on filling with water.

Had no idea of the time, place or any real details beyond the above (I probably still own the book, but it’s somewhere at my parents’ place).

Entered a descriptive sentence “mystery hole in the ground that fills with water” into google and was instantly rewarded: the Oak Island mystery remains unsolved to this day.