Feb 282014

kitchen wallA grand total of one post in the whole month.

Yeah, February’s shorter, but that’s not the reason.

A triple whammy, that’s the reason:

  • Moved house (and it’s not the distance, but the stuff that’s the defining factor).
  • Enjoyed not one, but two bouts of flu. Only one day of real illness, but a lingering runny nose for more than a week.
  • Putting finishing touches to Tunemio’s impending iPad release. The first beta users are already abusing the app.

The image is of the first exhibit, the kitchen is not exactly ready yet (though the stove and dishwasher are finally working, after a delay of a week and a half).

Dec 272013

First it was responsive design to take into account devices with non-desktop screens.

Then it was mobile first, since a lot of reading happens on the smallest screens.

Now it’s offline first to cater for sporadic connectivity.

And I utterly like their premise:

We can’t keep building apps with the desktop mindset of permanent, fast connectivity, where a temporary disconnection or slow service is regarded as a problem and communicated as an error.

Nov 302013

Been busy.

Sold the house.

Bought a house (though the deal is still pending a couple of details).

Attended Slush.

Crunchtimed a demo of iOS Tunemio for Slush.

Will behave better in the future.

For some values of “better” and “future”.

Mar 092013

Been a busy couple of weeks.

Relesed two private betas of Tunemio. Unless something fatal crops up, this baby is headed towards the App Store in a week or two.

Changed working schedule to accommodate more wake-up time with Elmo at home. This means working long evenings. And that, obviously, has meant a far slower update frequency here (glacial, I would say).

But here it finally is, the first released screenshot of Tunemio:

Tunemio, the first screenshot

Feb 112013

Today it’s been two years since Stephen Elop set the platforms on fire.

A lot has happened since.

And happily enough, I’m not wearing a MeeGo shirt today out of spite.

Time indeed heals wounds.

Sep 042012

(In the slowly diminishing list of travelogues: a work trip).

Spent three days as a stand monkey in the Qt Developer Days last year.

Despite the slaying of Symbian and MeeGo, the interest on developing for the devices hadn’t dwindled.

Plenty of questions and answers, even more people looking for a SIM cutter, and as a bonus: really nifty doctors’ jackets.

App Doctoring in Qt Developer Days

Didn’t see much of München. The show was far outside the city limits, and spent only one short afternoon there (a couple of celebratory beers and a team dinner didn’t leave much time for rambling in the Bavarian capital).

Sep 032012

As described in yesterday’s griefing, had issues logging into the publishing dashboard yesterday.

Turns out the account-locking issue was resolvable with persistence (meaning resetting the password multiple times finally did the trick).

Fingerporilainen has been steadily slowing down in downloads, and plateauing at slightly over 7k. The others (Viivi & Wagner and Wulff-Morgenthaler) are still held below thousand downloads, mainly on account of language/regional issues (meaning that I have no clue where and how they should be published to be visible even to me).

Sep 022012

One of the things that didn’t go according to specs in the departure from Mother Nokia was my publishing account.

It’s now locked out, despite the promises that the account would remain valid after the departure.

So no updates on the download figures of published content yet. Last time I checked Fingerporilainen was somewhere below 7k downloads, the others far lower.

Sep 022012

I managed to leave my departure from Nokia completely unannounced here.

The exit date coincided with the nine day service outage last month and hence was conveniently omitted here.

The 17 year ride is now over.

Did lots. And was prevented from doing lots more by variously credible reasons.

Travelled aplenty. Worst damages were a heatstroke in Kuala Lumpur and stolen trousers in New York.

Made scores of friends. And a few enemies. I intend to keep the former and forget about the latter.

As the lack of changes in my LinkedIn-profile indicate, the next steps are still in stealth mode. But slowly creeping into the light.

Stay tuned.

Jul 142012


It’s been a month since the previous posting.

And plenty has happened.

Piglet (as shown on the right) got a name. Our son is called Elmo Gabriel Edvin Lavonius.

Resigned from Nokia on the fourth of july. My last day will be the fourth of august.

Been busy with the new company. But not that busy that we would actually have a product or even a website yet.

Jun 052012

Traffic sign in San FranciscoBeen very lazy reporting travel bits lately (where “lately” covers approximately last fourteen months).

Went to San Francisco last spring for the second and last MeeGo Conference. Of which the less said, the better. Such a bitter occasion. And probably the one where I’ve felt most out of place. Did survive the presentation without boos or rotten vegetable-treatmemnt. Did not have much of an audience, either.

Did things that you’re supposed to do in the city by the bay:

  • Was really jetlagged.
  • Saw Golden Gate from both sides of the bridge.
  • Visited Fisherman’s Wharf and shopped like a tourist does.
  • Ate plenty of seafood.
  • Drank plenty of Anchor Steam.
  • Was dismayed that there are no bookstores in the city (apart from City Lights).
  • Walked a lot.
  • Forgot how steep and common the hills are.
  • Rode a cable car.

Still one of my favorite cities, and I certainly hope to be back after a shorter interval than was between the two trips (six years and change).

(Yeah, I did publish a preamble of a day-by-day treatment, but that, unpredictably didn’t really go anywhere).

Golden Gate from the Marin side

May 012012

April blogging spree started well, but ended up drying out mid-month.

No good reasons for it.

Work is effectively stressless (and there’s a grand total of two days left).

In lieu of illusionary work, wrote a few more toy applications for Harmattan (and they’ve been in the Nokia Store pipeline for a good while now).

The next move is in formative stages (and there will be more data once the concept is clarified).

Junior hasn’t been popped out yet (and there’s been no related complications).

Had a flu (but it was turbocharged and gone in three days).

Been just plain lazy.

And as a bonus: skipped Ullanlinnanmäki for the first time in more than a decade.

Apr 062012

Fingerporilainen, the second step in my continuing campaign for world domination, is now available in Ovi Store for Harmattan devices (which is to say that it works on N9 and N950).

It is a very simple application that provides easy access to the six-strips-a-week content published by Helsingin Sanomat.


And yeah, before you ask, I’ve written similar apps for Viivi & Wagner and Wulff-Morgenthaler as well.

Feb 152012

I published Platform Version a couple of weeks ago.

It is the first piece of application software I’ve published professionally.

It is an excessively simple piece of software. It does one thing, and one thing only: it displays the version of the Harmattan platform running on a Nokia N9 (or an N950).

The information is obviously available for users via the settings of the device, this application just provides as easy a way to view it as possible.

Jan 012012
  • Blogs: 2 (this, and joint custody of the N9 Developer blog at work).
  • Engine: WordPress here, Lifetype in the other.
  • Changes: Not much. Plenty of photos, not much other substance.
  • Entries: Here: 1009.
  • Backlog: Fearsome.
  • Forthcoming changes: TBC, nothing big planned.

Previous years analyses also available: 2010, 2009.